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Saturday, January 29, 2011


Tiffany’s Night at the Durban Showcase on February 2 will host The Kickstands, who put a unique spin on the progressive elements of acoustic guitar playing. Watch out for strong vocal hooks and solid songwriting. They are influenced by the guitar revolutionaries of Candyrat records (Andy Mckee, Ewan Dobson) and also the metal/shredding guitar genre. Classical and Spanish influences are obvious, too.

The Kickstands - Rudi Greyvenstein and Gary Nixon - are steadily gaining fans in the Durban area and have recorded an album with Sonic Studios. They gig everywhere from Scottburgh to White Mountain and their live DVD is due out shortly.

“Tony Fisher - is the fourstar general from the sadly missed Star Cafe which has been a haven for true acoustic music in Durban in recent years,” say the organisers. “Of course, he has a musical CV as long as a Polish surname but suffice it to say he plays fiddle, mandolin, bass, whistle, and some obscure Irish instruments like the shillelagh, with a fluency which comes only from a lifetime in music.

“Carol and Daniela - is an act that brings together our own Dina (Daniela) Daniels with a former musical colleague of hers, Carol, who now lives in Oz,” continues the publicity information. “Carol is here for only a few weeks so don't miss this opportunity to hear her. Her jazz chords are unbelievable - and not just for a woman! Oops I can see Dina loading her handbag! Your host is Tiffany and she is a songwriter of beauty and honesty.”

The show takes place on February 2 starting at 19h30 and due to finish by 22h00 at the latest. The German Club (Moonshadow restaurant) is on Barnham Road in Westville with signs from the Essex terrace off-ramp off the M13. There is good food, safe parking and an audience of kindred spirits. More info from Joh on 082 330 9652.