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Sunday, May 22, 2011


This book has motivated me to explore new directions within my art. (Review by Susan Green)

Successful artist and self-help author Ann Gadd and her husband, Anthony, opted out of careers in advertising to become financially viable artists in less than 12 months. Now with some 4,000 paintings sold, she has become one of South Africa’s most popular and top selling artists.

Making Your Art Work is her 11th published book and looks at a number of issues such as how to use the internet as a promotional/sales tool, identifying the different types of galleries and engaging with them and well as finding a style that works for the individual. She alerts artists to certain art scams and advises on copyrighting and marketing their work.

Laying down a set of practical guidelines, Making Your Art Work makes a great companion for both the new artist just setting out as well as the full time artist who simply needs a nudge in the right direction.

Being a successful artist herself recognized for her “sheep” series, Anne Gadd draws from personal experience to enrich her advice and provide a useful set of ‘do’s and don’ts’ in the art world from how to approach galleries to moving past a creative block.

A new business-orientated angle sheds light on how to achieve both fulfillment and financial success from a career in art. The highly informative and thought-provoking content is put across in a concise and engaging manner with many anecdotes to soften the read. Despite the odd editing faux pas, Anne Gadd has achieved a grounded and notably well-researched analysis of how to realize one’s artistic potential in a money-driven society.

As an artist myself, this book has motivated me to explore new directions within my art and has given me some great pointers concerning a few necessary business fundamentals on which I can ground my art career.

Making Your Art Work is published in softback ISBN 978-0-620-4897-20. Suggested Retail Price R180 (inc. VAT) – Susan Green