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Sunday, July 31, 2011


This new and expanded edition of The Write Stuff written by Bittie Viljoen-Smook , Dave Dykman and Johan Geldenhuys, makes it even easier to communicate meaningfully and effectively. In addition, this handy reference is now even more user friendly owing to the simple layout and examples clearly shown in grey.

Expanded to include the concepts of plain language and globlish (or is it globish?) as well as many examples to facilitate understanding and application, this treasure chest of gems also helps you test your knowledge through a number of added activities, with answers at the end of the guide.

As business-writing style, tone, manner, conventions and best practice are constantly changing, The Write Stuff comes as a handy and concise update for everybody who writes. Everything is accessible through an expanded and easy-to-use index.

Bittie Viljoen-Smook has 30 years' experience in writing, mentoring and adult teaching of business English as well as in the creation, development and standardisation of financial terminology. He holds graduate qualifications in English, Afrikaans, Latin and German and postgraduate qualifications in English, Afrikaans and Applied Linguistics. He is an author, together with Dave Dykman and Johan Geldenhuys, of numerous publications, including a translations handbook, an English style guide and five business dictionaries that span more than 20 years and that are generally acknowledged as the standard for the industry. Dave, Johan and Bittie are regularly invited as guest speakers at language forums and radio talk shows.

The Write Stuff provides users of English with clear guidelines, supplies competent users with the tools they need to write even more effectively, and gives good writers the edge.

The Write Stuff: The Style Guide with a Difference (2nd Edition) retails at R157.95.