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Sunday, September 4, 2011


All Aboard: Ships, Ports, Cruises – a Southern African Guide by David Hughes has been produced by Just Done Productions Publishing.

An avid cruise liner enthusiast, David Hughes lives in Durban. He travels regularly, often at sea to undertake liner reviews. An author of two previous books on passenger ships, he is also involved in freelance magazine travel writing and belongs to the World Ship Society, as a South African Representative. He keeps in regular contact with shipping companies and travel organizations to ensure he is updated in all matters pertaining to sea travel.

“One of the main purposes of this guide is to provide a background on cruise liners that call at South African ports, voyage opportunities presently available and a user-friendly reference for “first-timers” at sea!”” says David Hughes. “The various sections, with their own explanatory notes, show how useful (and interesting) it can become to follow the routes of “The Liners”. The man-in-the-street can now differentiate between the different shipping lines and their ships seen at the country’s passenger terminals. Know the livery (that’s funnel and hull colours) whether a ship belongs to Silversea Cruises or Voyages of Discovery. Compare tonnages, passenger capacity, and other details of general interest. In other words, become an instant “Shipwatcher” and soon you may end up being addicted to Cruiseliner Life...”

“This book has been planned as a guide to show would-be-cruisers, as well as the regular cruise aficionados, the variety and scope of voyages available out there,” David Hughes adds. “Voyages aboard cargo vessels (alternative cruising?) are covered as well as the big liners, so a wide choice exists.”

This comprehensive full colour guide gives the reader information about: Current Cruising: Southern African Ports; Freighter/Container Ship Voyages; Current World Cruise ships; Reference Section: Ships’ Agents; Life Aboard: Yours Days At Sea & A Passengers Guide; Ports Of Call: Sightseeing Ashore - An Introductory Guide - Hotel stays, shore excursions, tourism office information and more . There’s also a Remember When? Historical Liners’ Section and a Ships’ Index.

All Aboard: Ships, Ports, Cruises – a Southern African Guide is published in A4 with colour photographs throughout its 268 pages.