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Thursday, September 15, 2011


Movies to look out for on the M-Net Action Channel are Lone Wolf McQuade and Crimes of Passion in the Wednesday Premieres slot and Changing Lanes in the Saturday Premiere slot which is dedicated to Samuel L Jackson during September.

Lone Wolf McQuade on September 21 at 20h30 features Chuck Norris and David Carradine and was produced in 1983 under the direction of Steve Carver. Texas Ranger J J McQuade is up against the weapons-dealer Rawley Wilkes after Wilkes kidnaps McQuade's partner and daughter and takes them to Mexico. 16VSL

Crimes of Passion on September 28 at 20h30 was directed by Ken Russell and produced in 1984. It stars Kathleen Turner and Anthony Perkins. A successful fashion designer moonlights as a seductive call-girl, an alter-ego created out of a curiosity for the kinky side of life. 16VSNL

Changing Lanes on September 24 at 20h00 stars Ben Affleck and Samuel L Jackson and was produced in 2002, directed by Roger Michell. Two cars collide on the FDR expressway. The drivers’ two seemingly opposite men are Gavin Banek and Doyle Gipson. In his haste, Gavin leaves behind an important legal file which Doyle uses to his advantage, setting off a brutal cycle of revenge between these two men who began this Good Friday as strangers. PG 13VL