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Saturday, October 22, 2011


(Clint Singh, Tamara Dickson, Callum Robertson and Vanessa Knight)

The October 26 episode of BBC Entertainment’s first original commission, Come Dine With Me South Africa, sees sparks fly in the usually laidback coastal city of Durban, KwaZulu-Natal, where four contestants battle it out in an attempt to claim the R10,000 prize.

The four dinner party hosts are; local wedding planner Clint Singh, new business development manager Vanessa Knight, self-confessed party animal Tamara Dickson also known as “Tequila Sheila”, and rounding off the competitive foursome, Callum Robertson, teacher by day and part time chef by night.

The first host is Tamara and she wastes no time in getting stuck in to the tequila while preparing her prawn persillade. Meanwhile, her guests waste no time getting stuck in to the chocolate vodka shots, especially Vanessa which upsets Callum as he wants to be the life of the party. Tamara fiendishly decides that she will spend the rest of the week winding up Vanessa.

The host of the second party of the week is self-titled perfect host, schoolteacher Callum. Despite numerous sips, and adding more and more ingredients Callum’s lamb shanks leave some of his guests underwhelmed. It goes from bad to worse when Clint hands out gifts at Callum’s dinner party.

The third party is hosted by Vanessa who has gone to great pains to play down the cleanliness of her home. The guests arrive suitably dressed down only to be presented with an idyllic suburban abode. They are all decidedly underwhelmed however by her chicken and haloumi starter but Tamara begrudgingly compliments her host’s main course. The three guests then gang up on their host and Vanessa ends her evening in tears.

The final dinner party is hosted by wedding planner Clint. His menu, a fish biryani with rice main course and rice pudding dessert, has Callum in a tizzy. Clint’s glitzy ornaments and “tatskis” overwhelm the guests who feel they should have worn sunglasses. After eventually finding their way through the maze of bling bling, Vanessa and Tamara have a showdown much to Callum’s delight. Despite Clint’s valiant attempt to calm troubled waters, which includes a performance from a belly dancer, the evening ends on a sour note.

Come Dine With Me South Africa is broadcast on BBC Entertainment on October 26 at 21h00.