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Thursday, October 6, 2011


Coup is a high calibre online magazine that provides an investigative look into all things media, advertising and public relations, with a unique focus on technology and the arts.

Kate Kearney, Strategic Marketing Consultant states: “We aim to push lateral and innovative thinking in both our design and editorial, keeping informative while catering to the creative tastes of our readers. COUP is a flash of inspiration’ a meeting of minds and passion for cause, stirring things that have and will spark revolutions. We also have a very popular blog on the COUP website called “La Resistance”. We also run three industry related websites, namely Media Update, Totally mAD and Publicity Update.”

This month’s issue goes behind the scenes with Ashraf Garda and Media@SAfm. It also covers campaigns that celebrate South African heritage including National Braai Day and the Put Foot Rally. Find out how ex-pats get their South African fix, how Africa begins to tell their story online, how local spin-offs of international magazines are fairing, and how adding local flavour to adverts is not always funny.

“COUP also has two monthly features one is called Behind the Ad and the other Creative Space,” adds Kate Kearney. “For Behind the Ad, we go behind the scenes of a TV commercial and cover all the action. If the advert is released mid-month, we will then run a teaser page until the ad is launched and then the full article will be loaded and all our subscribers will be notified.

“The Creative Space allows for up-and-coming artists to submit their work,” she continues. “Our Creative Editor then selects the 10 best and they are featured in that month’s issue. Also, their pages/artwork is linked to their email address or personal website so that those that are interested in their work can be in direct contact with them. Sponsoring the Creative Space has become quite popular amongst advertisers.”

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