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Saturday, November 5, 2011


(Craig Gillins (DOP), Durban Motion Pictures producer Bonie Sithebe and director Philani Sithebe working on “Kuyoze Kubenini”. This is a short educational drama shot in Durban dealing with violence against women and child abuse which was commissioned by the Department of Safety and Liaison in 2006)

Durban Motion Pictures has been commissioned to produce three feature movies by MNet’s Mzansi Magic. Along with these projects, a series of workshops will be facilitated by well-known veteran actor Vivian Moodley.

“This is response to the calls from the film industry for trained actors. The call is made especially for actors that range from age 30 years and above. KZN is saturated with stage actors and persons who are blessed with talent but have had no training whatsoever,” say the organisers.

The project equips the candidate on how to prepare for, launch, and maintain a career in TV or film acting, with scores of insights, techniques, and practical advice from professionals in the field.

Durban Motion Pictures are the producers of the acclaimed movie Nothing for Mahala Gazi. They have recently hosted a similar workshop for 20 candidates. The exercise of the workshop was Acting for the Camera and the actors from the workshop were cast in the recently launched film How Many Sugars?

Actors coming from these workshops facilitated by Vivian Moodley will be afforded an opportunity to audition for these movies and other movies produced in and around Durban.

Interested persons should contact Ms Bonie Sithebe on 031 202 5383 or 071 378 4916 or email: