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Saturday, November 26, 2011


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UK based South African soprano, Sally Silver is currently starring in Greek by Mark-Anthony Turnage, on tour for the Music Theatre Wales. Along with Silver, fellow South African Michael Dlamini performs in the choir of Greek.

The production, staged by Music Theatre Wales with director Michael McCarthy and conductor Michael Rafferty at the helm, has just received the award for Outstanding Achievement in Opera from Theatre Award UK, beating off opera’s big hitters. Greek is a brilliant and provocative work that exploded onto the stage in 1988. Based on the play by Steven Berkoff, Greek catapults the audience into the seedy, boozy East End London world of Eddy and his family.

Of her recent performance as Mireille in Meirelle (Charles Gounod) at Cadagon Hall in London, Rupert Christiansen from The Telegraph wrote: “...what lifted the evening to another plane and earns it a fourth star was the remarkable performance by South African soprano Sally Silver in the title role. I have always thought she was good – I admired her last year in the wildly different idioms of Handel’s Orlando and Turnage’s Greek – but I hadn’t realised quite how good.”

“With effortlessly pure tuning, bright and fluently produced tone, a full and easy top register, warmly musical phrasing and clean enunciation of the text, she offered first-class singing by any standards. Mireille is a long and demanding role – I seem to remember that even Masterson struggled with it – but Silver sounded as convincing at the end of a long evening as she did at the beginning.”

“I can only add that on this showing, she is distinctly superior in vocal artistry to several expensively imported ladies with inflated reputations I have heard recently at Covent Garden. If I was casting director for one of our major opera companies, I’d be putting Sally Silver on my A-list.”

Silver plans to launch another CD in May 2012 with Richard Bonynge.

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