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Saturday, November 12, 2011


The South African National Association for the Visual Arts is a member of the International Association of Art / Association Internationale des Arts Plastiques (IAA/AIAP) in official relations with UNESCO

SANAVA’s members countrywide include visual arts associations as autonomous branches, museums, art galleries, academic institutions and corporate bodies as affiliated members. Its overall objective is to promote the visual arts in the widest sense, including the development of artists across the board, the dissemination of art information, the creation of opportunities for the promotion of and introduction of artists to national and international events, competitions, exhibitions, etc, and to serve the South African art-loving public in general.

There are a number of advantages to being a member of SANAVA. Probably the most exciting benefit is the use of the SANAVA residence facility in the studio apartments in Paris, which is available to artists. (Read more about the Cité Internationale des Arts on )

SANAVA can be used as a parent body when applying for corporate or government funds. SANAVA is a registered PBO (Public Benefit Organisation) and a registered Non-Profit Organisation which means that donors receive tax benefits for their funding projects. Keep in mind that funding applications to the National Arts Council and the National Lottery Board are co-ordinated by SANAVA’s Head Office. Requests for funding should be submitted well in advance to the Executive Officer, Anton Loubser, at SANAVA’s Head Office in Pretoria – email:

All SANAVA members are invited to national and international exhibitions and competitions, including the annual ABSA L’Atelier Competition and exhibition and the SASOL New Signatures Competition and exhibition. Visit for details.

A great benefit to members is that the free run-up ABSA L’Atelier workshops are offered in all provinces. More good news is that transport to Pretoria is sponsored for the annual SASOL New Signatures exhibition and ABSA sponsors the transport of the annual ABSA L’Atelier Competition which takes place in Johannesburg.

SANAVA members may apply annually for an IAA (International Association of Arts) membership card offering South African professional artists and art curators free access or access at a discount to international galleries and museums. SANAVA is also liaising with the South African Museums Association in this regard.

SANAVA wishes to extend an invitation to art clubs, art associations and any group of, for example, painters, photographers or potters to consider joining SANAVA as a branch member. A minimum of five members may be regarded as a branch. The annual capitation fee is R15 per person. Institutions such as art schools, art museums and corporate bodies may join as affiliated members at an annual fee of R500.

SANAVA branches are requested to consider taking a small struggling art group from a township or a few disadvantaged artists under their wing. This is where SANAVA can assist. Member branches may forward their needs assessment for 2012 funding to Ms Avitha Sooful, Deputy President SANAVA: