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Sunday, November 20, 2011


Umhlanga shopping gets hipper this summer with the opening of a brand new and much anticipated market.

Considering that Umhlanga is no stranger to shopping outlets, with the mega mall of Gateway and various other boutiques in the village, it seems only natural that the trendy town (and one of Durban’s more prominent suburbs) should keep up with the times by incorporating this increasingly popular style of retail into its repertoire.

The prominent development of markets in recent years has been spurred on by a number of economic and social factors, where the general consensus seems to be a ‘return’ to community. The rise and rise of home-brewed, quality, personalized products is taking the world by storm.

With a very clear mission in mind, the creators of Wonder Market have set out to provide locals with a unique, fresh and characterful shopping experience for the whole family. Showcasing the finest of hand-picked stalls that represent the best of local talent in various fields, you’ll find a range of interesting goods outside of the norm. Think of home-made mint infused ginger beer instead of coca cola, or once-off shoes made by a Zulu cobbler that look funkier than a pair of Adidas Originals.

Emphasis will be placed on organic and environmentally friendly creations where possible, with innovative concepts supplied by indie craft artisans. Vendors will offer farm fresh produce, originally designed clothing, custom-made jewellery, niche furniture, art collections, home grown flowers, antique specialties, alternative gifts, delectable snacks, eclectic music and more.

The Wonder Market will be launched on November 27, kicking off at 09h00.

The market will run again on December 18 through the pre-Christmas madness and children will be aptly entertained by ingenious puppeteers and storytellers, whilst the rest of the family soak up the new market lifestyle.

The Wonder Market will run from 09h00 to 15h00 in Chris Saunders Park opposite Gateway Mall. There is ample free parking, with various convenient amenities nearby, and most importantly it’s safe, people will be able to come and go easily without hassle or worry.

Further queries or information from Tarryn on 079 747 7661 or e-mail