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Friday, January 27, 2012


(Dann-jaques Mouton)

The Theatre - St Anne’s College will present Ek Sien ‘n Man, featuring Dann-jaques Mouton for one performance only on February 2.

Devised and adapted from life stories and experiences by Dann-jaques Mouton, various characters are thrown together by circumstance. They naively think they are in total control of their lives, yet someone proceeds to unravel right in their midst. Mouton depicts the places and brings to life each quirky character, magically transforming shape, mood and moment. Some characters are thoughtless; some humourless; some powerless; yet all the characters think they can see clearly. In the classic style of physical theatre this production reveals a strong emphasis on visual and physical performance.

Mouton will simultaneously conduct the Form 4 Dramatic Arts Residency at St Anne’s College. This involves teaching four intensive practical classes a day, over five days, in order to give the girls skills in physical and visual performance for their future use in creating and developing practical work for Drama.

Mouton graduated from UCT in 2009 with a Diploma in Theatre and Performance and was awarded the class medal for bilingual acting in his first and third year respectively. He performed at Maynardville in 2009’s As You Like It, directed by Geoffrey Hyland. He performed there again in 2010 as the Soothsayer in Marthinus Bason’s production of Antony and Cleopatra. Since then he has been working with Magnet Theatre under the direction of Mark Fleishman. He has been part of two original productions created at Magnet: Die Vreemdeling, which toured along the N7 and to KZN; and Autopsy which premiered at the Aardklop Festival in 2010.

Ek Sien ‘n Man will take place on February 2 at 19h30 at The Theatre - St Anne’s College, Hilton. Tickets R60 (R40 concessions) booked on 033 343 6100.