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Thursday, January 19, 2012


(Thomas Sankara)

Bluestockings present a movie on the “Che Guevara” of Africa on January 27.

The publicity material reads as follows: “If anyone has ever wondered about the fate of the world because of politicians’ meddlings and dire stasis that commerce and politics induces in the human life, and if anyone has ever wondered what we would do with ourselves and our system of living amongst one another should these inane politicians ever be ousted by public revolt, we invite you to please come and watch a video about a man who has undoubtedly given a small measure of hope to Africa, even if his identity has been swept under the thick woolly carpet of disinformation out there.

“bluestockings bioscope will show a movie about Thomas Sankara, a revolutionary leader, and president of Burkina Faso, a small, relatively-unknown country in North Africa. Thomas Sankara came into power via military coup d’état, not entirely because he wanted to, but because the people of his country loved the charismatic leader that he was. However, in doing so he brought about changes in his country that are so revolutionary, and so “for the people”, that the French government of the time decided that he must be destroyed, for fear that his intelligent approach to governance may be contagious to the civilized world.

“Sankara and 12 of his aides were assassinated in October 1987. This movie promises to be an inspiration … a story of revolution, empowerment to the people, and the limitless possibilities of what is possible through intelligent governance from a leader that may have actually cared for his people…!”

The Thomas Sankara movie will be shown on January at 19h30. Bluestockings is situated at Dan Pienaar Road, Kloof. Entry R20 (Dinner R50 by pre-order only) Bookings through Narene on 082 659 3628.