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Tuesday, February 14, 2012


The Drakensberg Boys' Choir will join forces with the celebrated Norwegian boys' choir - Sølvguttene - on February 26 in the Memorial Hall at Hilton College.

The concert promises a memorable vocal journey through different genres and the beautiful sounds of boy sopranos and adult male voices!

Nestling in the majestic Drakensberg mountain range, founded by choirmaster John Tungay and his family, the Drakensberg Boys Choir School opened in 1967 with 20 boys. Within two years, this number had tripled and in 1971 the choir made its first of many international tours. This much-loved, proudly South African choir has travelled far and wide and is renowned both locally and internationally. The choir is sometimes divided into smaller groups for touring purposes and it is the Chamber Choir, comprising 16 boys under the baton of Conductor Johann van der Sandt that will take part in Boys of Blue and Silver. (

Sølvguttene (meaning "Boys of Silver") was founded in June 1940 by Torstein Grythe, who was knighted by the King of Norway to the order of St. Olav and awarded the Royal Medal of Merit (Gold) for his work in this regard. The choir got its name primarily because of the shiny, silvery uniforms that were acquired in the beginning - owing to a lack of other, more suitable materials. The name has been attributed, subsequently, to the special sound and clarity of the boys 'voices of silver'. (

Sølvguttene is extremely popular throughout Norway, having performed many times on radio and television and at official events such as the closing ceremony of the Lillehammer Olympic Games in 1994. The choir has frequently toured internationally visiting Scandinavian, various European countries, the USA and the former Soviet Union. In 1996, the choir performed for Queen Sonja of Norway and Prince Edward of Great Britain, in Westminster Abbey, London. Sølvguttene - the Norwegian Broadcasting Boys' Choir - comprises 65 boys aged 8 to 15, and 25 adult male singers (all of whom were, previously, boy singers with the choir). On international tours, the choir comprises approximately 60 singers.

The concert will take place in the Hilton College Memorial Hall on February 26 at 18h00. Tickets R50 (includes tea/coffee after the performance). Booking is essential on 033 383 0126 or email

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