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Monday, February 13, 2012


(Masabelaneni Centre and the beginning of the mosaic mural)

Caversham Press in the Midlands ended last year with celebration. A mosaic mural was begun in honour of the late artist and printmaker, Gabisile Nkosi, and the Masabelaneni Centres.

“This is our way of acknowledging the legacy of the people in our lives and our ability to create tangible evidence of their inspiration in us,” says Malcolm Christian who founded Caversham Press.

Well-known artist Bronwen Findlay, formerly of Durban now living in Johannesburg, helped teach the process to the Caversham Team and a group of young mentees from Lidgetton and surrounding communities.

“This seemed natural and appropriate as she was one of the first artists to work at Caversham Press in the 1980’s and had taught Gabi as a school girl, being instrumental in her coming on a Caversham residency in 2001,” adds Christian.

The image, which combines one of Gabi’s prints entitled Caversham as I see it and the symbols from the CreACTive Centres, was designed by Caversham’s digital specialist Sbu Mvelase. It is intended that the mural will be completed by May, 2012, on the fourth anniversary of Gabisile Nkosi’s death.

A Weekend of Celebration combined poetry reading; a selection of the movies made during Caversham’s Pearson/ NEA Foundation school programmes; and an exhibition of print products produced during the year.

More information from Thulani or Pinky on 033 392 2801.