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Wednesday, February 1, 2012


Durban Curry? Indian or African cuisine? If it's in Durban, you will find it at

Search, review, look for restaurants in your proximity, book, dine! With and eating out has been made easy in Durban.

The launch of ComeDine, an online and mobi restaurant booking website, will give Durban food revellers access to hundreds of the city’s restaurants all at a click of a button. The site is the ultimate in convenience, and not only offers food lovers the chance to browse all options available to them, but to also book a table at some of Durban's hottest spots.

No more searching for the restaurant’s telephone number; no more struggling to get through to make a booking. ComeDine also gives an indication of the average price of the main course, so it’s great for the budget-conscious too.

Registering and use of the service on both the web and mobile sites is free!

ComeDine is the brainchild of Martin Rose and Greg Whitfield, who’ve been best buddies since they met at boarding school. Martin is just back from a four-year stint in London, where he worked as a developer for the leading online booking company, Livebookings, which processes more than one million bookings a month. So there’s no doubt that he has the inside track on how to make a similar offering work here on the sunny tip of Africa.

Greg, who has also worked in London as an investment banker, has now decided to give the life of an entrepreneur a bash. Together they bring an awesome combination of creativity, web savvy and business acumen to their new venture.

“We aim to offer not only convenience, but a fun and quirky vibe,” say the partners. “We’re also looking to deliver a very interactive experience, and will be engaging consumers through online competitions, polls, newsletters and an active social networking presence.”

To browse ComeDine and book a spot at your favourite restaurant for free, visit or