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Monday, March 5, 2012


Suzy Bell exhibits two new works at artSPACE Gallery, Durban in a group exhibition of Phoneography.

Sun Flung is a 1x2m panel of iPhoneography images on white gloss vinyl. It is a reconceptualised celebration of a James Joyce line from Ulysses (1922): “On his wise shoulders through the checkerwork of leaves the sun flung spangles, dancing coins.”

Sun Flung is a series of iPhoneography light paintings shot on an iPhone4. It was shot sequentially using the same backdrop, a rectangular sandstone tile. Each image was cropped to a square 12x12 block format. The mid-tones and contrast were adjusted to re-create the original images to present an abstract visual narrative.

Sun Flung is a small reminder that we are intrinsically part of nature,” says Bell. “Nature is worthy not only of our awe, but of our infinite respect, considered preservation and far closer attention. Nature’s infinite shapes, diverse rhythms, and sublime, mysterious patterns echo our science, our existence, and our creative cosmos. The simplicity of shadows of sunlight dancing through leaves onto the earth evokes our naked geography and our evolving, constantly transforming, creative selves. I am entranced by the creative visual language of the sun and the duality of its constantly changing light. Whenever I see ‘dancing coins’ of light I think of James Joyce, specifically Ulysses, which is a wonderful, generous literary work for an artist to leave behind for humanity to explore.”

Dancing Coins is an iPhone Videography installation, the source of Sun Flung and footage of the constantly moving shapes created by wind, leaves and sunlight. “I like what Louie Schwartzberg, the award-winning cinematographer, director and producer said: “Beauty opens our hearts.. .it makes us appreciate the intelligence inherent in nature.” He films breathtaking images that reveal connections, universal rhythms, patterns and beauty in life” adds Bell.

Suzy Bell is a published poet, author, picture-comic book artist, art columnist, art blogger and cultural activist. She lectures in English and African Literature and poetry at a private college. She is currently exploring and experimenting as a multimedia artist working with text/poetry and sound performance, iPhone Videography and iPhoneography. This is her fifth group exhibition; her last being in Cape Town in August 2010, by invitation of award-winning artist, Wayne Barker, to take part in The Big Hole alongside Ed Young, Stuart Bird, Pieter Hugo, William Kentridge, Marlene Dumas, Andrew Lamprecht and Belinda Blignaut. She presented Unzip My Spine, a site-specific intervention of performance poetry and jazz collaborating with Black South Easter vocalist, Nhoza Sitsholwana and Cape Town jazz icon, the celebrated composer, Hilton Schilder. It was part of a series of anti-xenophobia public performances and resulted in the creation of the Amani Arts Festival in Khayelitsha which Suzy conceived and creatively directed.

Bell is well-known in the arts community for initiating and curating the multi-media Red Eye @rt project at The Durban City Hall, and for directing the Durban Designer Collection (DDC) multi-media fashion and art performances. She has been living and writing in Cape Town for the past ten years and studied at UCT, graduating with an MA in Creative Writing.

Bell is Chairperson and founder-member of the African Arts Journalists Network (AAJN) reporting on art in Africa and mentoring young arts journalists across Africa. Her arts blog is As a cultural activist, she is the cultural officer of Arterial Network SA which is part of Arterial Network across Africa and includes artists, festival directors, arts managers, cultural entrepreneurs, and cultural and human rights activists who are seriously mobilising Africa’s creative economy. Arterial Network has 7000 people on its database and over 2500 members across the continent currently mapping out and professionally shaping Africa’s exciting creative future. Suzy was invited to Nairobi in December 2011 to attend Africa’s first historic Creative Economy Conference. Get active and join Arterial Network on: and check out

artSPACE Gallery is situated at 3 Millar Road, off Umgeni Road. For more information on this exhibition contact Suzy Bell on 076 375 5675 or e-mail: