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Sunday, June 24, 2012


(An Ni)

There’s more to painting cherry blossoms, bamboo, chrysanthemums and orchids when mind, breath, body and brush integrate with poetry, calligraphy and painting. Durban event manager Tracy Voss found a new passion after attending a private class in Chinese Traditional Painting during her recent trip of China. She was determined to find a way to bring the inspiring teacher, An Ni, from the Beijing to South Africa to run a few classes.

An Ni is a traditional Chinese artist and graduate of the Kunming University. She majored in Western Art but developed her skills in Traditional Chinese Painting under the tutelage of XuJiande, a famous artist from Yunnan. Over the years, An Ni and Xu Jiande became good friends and together they developed a series of distinctive paintings popular in China and internationally.

Despite working as a freelance Creative Artist specializing in book, folder, poster, card, company and website design, An Ni has never stopped painting and developed her own style of traditional Chinese painting with a very contemporary touch. It is the latter that attracts the interest of mostly western art lovers. It is also this modern feel to her Chinese paintings that makes her work so unique.

Fellow craft enthusiasts who are keen can signed up for this rare opportunity to learn from a master. An Ni will be in Berea and Glenwood, Durban in July and will be offering three course options:

Full course for Adults: Cherry Blossoms, Bamboo, Chrysanthemums and Orchids on July 9, 10, 12 and 13 from 09h30 to 11h30. Cost: R2,050.00 (includes Traditional Chinese Brushes, Rice Paper, Chinese Ink and Pigments)

Crash course for Adults: Cherry Blossoms and Bamboo) on July 14 from 12h00 to 15h00. Cost: R450

Youngsters Class (six to 15) Learn the History of Chinese Calligraphy and learn how to paint your name in Chinese on July 14 from 09h30 to 11h00. Cost: R250.

To enrol in An Ni’s classes, contact Tracy Voss on 082 411 8296 or email: