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Tuesday, August 7, 2012


Kagiso Lediga

Comedian who has a precise, neurotic comic punch capable of taking on the world. (Review by Viresh Prahalath)

Santa Claus is murdered and people roar with laughter. You would, too, if you were watching Kagiso Lediga in a Suit which is an amazing showcase of comedic talent from Kagiso Lediga. A very funny man, he recently appeared at Suncoast for a short season.

Great things can be expected from a seasoned professional who is a well-known face on local television, appearing in the Pure Monate Show, amongst countless others, which he produced and wrote as well. His comedy is daring, real and quite brilliant to say the least. Using his personal life experience as a springboard, he catapults into an array of real and imaged circumstances that only a creative, crazy genius like himself can put together so skilfully.

He hates his name and he will tell you why, with vivid examples that set the audience ablaze with laughter. Added to this are real life experiences laced with lucid impersonations and accents of different characters like the “Zulu People”, Julius Malema and his “white buddies” that leave you gasping for breath in between spurts of uncontrollable laughter.

Watching Kagiso Lediga is an entertaining journey as he is a performer who has a magnetic stage appeal, which makes him very hard to hate. His humour is mostly tasteful and does not have a searing edge of insult that more inexperienced comedians would solely include in their arsenal just for greater effect. In his show, he has his appeal and does not need to prove it to anyone making him a true king of comedy.

Durban-born Robby Collins opens the show, delivering amusing insights arising from his life as an unemployed individual as well as some candidly comical outlooks about “coloured people” in South Africa. He is an interesting performer who has great comedic potential and audience appeal.

Look out for Kagiso Lediga in a Suit if you want to see one of South Africa’s greater comedians live in action. Missing out on this would be a disastrous decision that you would regret as you increasingly see more of him on the global entertainment stage. He is great writer, producer, actor and comedian who has a precise, neurotic comic punch capable of taking on the world. – Viresh Prahalath -