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Tuesday, August 7, 2012


The following movies are scheduled for broadcast on M-Net Stars (Channel 105). Dates, times and programmes are correct at time of publication but may change.

August 8 at 19h30: Other People’s Money (1991) directed by Norman Jewison and starring Danny DeVito, Gregory Peck and Penelope Ann Miller. A corporate raider threatens a hostile takeover of a company. The patriarch of the company enlists the help of his wife's daughter, who is a lawyer, to try and protect the company. The raider is captivated by her and enjoys the thrust and deflects of legal manoeuvrings, as he tries to win her heart.

August 9 at 19h30: The Women (2008) directed by Diane English and starring Meg Ryan, Eva Mendes and Annette Bening. Mary Haines is a modern-day diva strutting her way through Manhattan society, dominating in a world of publishing, fashion and finance. Then Mary's world shatters when she faces an age-old dilemma: a cheating husband. As her life crumbles, her friends circle to support her - but in this group of high-powered modern women, the rivalries soon surface as the claws come out and friendships are put to the ultimate test.

August 11 at 19h30: Hoodwinked! (2005) directed by Cory Edwards and Todd Edwards and starring Anne Hathaway, Glenn Close and Patrick Warburton. There's always more to every tale than meets the eye! Furry and feathered cops from the animal world, Chief Grizzly and Detective Bill Stork, investigate a domestic disturbance at Granny's cottage, involving a girl, a wolf and an axe. The charges are many: breaking and entering, disturbing the peace, intent to eat, and wielding an axe without a license. Not to mention, this case might be tied to the elusive "Goody Bandit" who has been stealing the recipes of goody shops everywhere.

August 13 at 19h30: Burglar (1987) directed by Hugh Wilson and starring Whoopi Goldberg, Bobcat Goldthwait and G.W. Bailey