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Sunday, August 26, 2012


This letter from Rosanne Hurly-Coyne is directed at those associated with The Speech and Drama College (Ex-Guild)

Whether you are a Speech and Drama teacher, an ex-learner, a parent, friend, or family member of someone who is - or has been - closely associated with the College, this message goes out to you.

On November 24 we will host a Memories Evening at The Westville Theatre Club venue.

In the last five years we have lost some very dear, and special members of our College. Among them, Moira Waldron, Ann (and Michael) Gritten, Maureen Court, Patricia Grady and, most recently, Jessica Perritt. You might remember other well-known teachers, Denise Grobler, Olive Tomkin and so many others. These people have left an indelible print, serving their learners with rare commitment and passion.

This evening is not only to remember those who have left us, but to remember wonderful, inspiring and beautiful stories that friends and members of the College might recall. It is an evening to pay tribute to teachers, past or present who have impacted on lives, and inspired learners to achieve their full potential.

Of course, when you get a group of Drama Teachers together, there will always tears and laughter as we do what we all do best - emotional exploration! This is an evening for tears, and laughter. The aim of the evening is after all to have fun, to entertain and be entertained.

We would like to invite you to contribute your memories of The College in either verse or prose. All writing received will be incorporated into a programme or 'reading session' where experienced readers will share the offerings. If you would rather read your own 'memories' there will be a session at the end to do this. Please keep writing to approximately three minutes due to time constraints. We are also looking for musical contributions, and would be very grateful for offers and suggestions. If you have any photographs, please send (scan) them, too. We are hoping to have a power point presentation. Email: or or - Rosanne Hurly-Coyne

More information from Zelda Van den Berg on 083 714 0896 or Rosanne Hurly-Coyne on 082 603 908 or 031 763 3714.