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Saturday, September 29, 2012


Poetry is a vast landscape where many an artistic soul will escape to find his/her inner self and seek the peace that enhances and enriches the balance of life. Every now and again there emerges poetry from the blues that with ease floats into the cultural vocabulary and enriches it with its own unique signature.

Different expressions of poetry have materialized which might take the form of prose poetry, Haiku the ancient Japanese form of poetry, live spoken word poetry with philosophical and spiritual meanings, ancient epic poetry of Homer and Valmiki, or just simply traditional poetry with an avant-garde make over.

Every genre of poetry comes with its own particular style and content therein rests the beauty of poetry.

Abdulla Amla has recently published an anthology of love Poems titled In Love’s Way through Breeze Publication. He calls ita fulfillment of years of dreaming and putting thoughts to paper to one day bring out a collection of love poems that would be an inspiration to Love. Love …. The yearning in all our souls and in our hearts.”

This is Amla’s first publication. His passion for writing coupled with persuasion and praise by colleagues and friends alike over the years, has prompted him to publish this anthology of romantic poems. His anthology is set to stir many hearts. Nature at its best and the beauty it holds, the very essence of romance and the acceptance of love itself, has set the motion for this collection. Amla has set poetry in motion inviting the reader into the poem and experiencing the meaning of poetry from a lover's world. A stone’s throw from bringing the picture to reality.

Abdulla Amla will be the Guest Poet at the next Live Poets Society (LiPS) on October 3 which will take place at the Point Yacht Club – Victoria Embankment Durban at 17h30 for 18h00. Entrance is free.