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Sunday, September 30, 2012


Forming part of the Expressions Sessions will be an epic battle between the classic Bertold Brecht text of The Good Person of Setzuan, and a very contemporary picking up of where Brecht left off around this seminal socially astute and politically engaged 20th century theatre text, into a workshopped production called The Free Person of Such-A-One.

Directed by iainEWOKrobinson and Karen Melissa Logan and created in collaboration with a cast of Drama and Performance Studies students from Howard College Campus (UKZN), The Free Person of Such-A-One-combines elements of Brecht’s signature style of theatre making with contemporary Hip Hop and spoken word theatre.  Brecht was intent on creating theatre that was relevant to its immediate social context and The Free Person Of Such-A-One seeks, as Brecht intended, to address current sociopolitical concerns about the nature of freedom in South Africa, 2012. 

The play begins when ‘The Gods’ return to Earth on a mission; to find a person who is truly “Free”. But this time they’ve landed in South Africa, and finding “Such-a-One” is not as simple as it first appeared

What happens when the people the Gods have come to preach to don’t recognise their Godly ways?  In a world where technological miracles are happening all the time, the God’s old-fashioned water-to-wine tricks don’t seem to pack the same punch as they used to. People have turned to new “deities” - everyone from Malema to Lady Gaga - and found their scriptures in the machinery of materialism. It is some decades since they left the poor Shente struggling to be good in an economically harsh world, the Gods now embark on their new mission to find a ‘Free Person’ -  because without freedom, the quest for goodness is an uphill battle few seem capable of conquering.

The audience will be taken on a whirlwind journey across the country, from Park Station to Mangaung, from seedy pavements to lavish Freedom Day concerts, as the Gods attempt to complete their difficult quest, with (and sometimes without) the help of a motley crew of true-to-life South African characters. Come watch the three Gods bumble their way around 21st century South Africa, in the hope of finding the ever illusive Freedom in this precarious South African democracy.

Performances take place from October 4 to 6 at 19h30 and on October 7 at 15h00 at the Elizabeth Sneddon Theatre. Booking is at Computicket.