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Friday, September 21, 2012


The three non-blondes are back! Diane Erasmus, Coral Spencer and Trayci Tompkins will be back at the Witness Hilton Arts Festival this weekend. Sharing the vibrancy, joy and passionate artistic talent they share, their joint art exhibition is titled Three Non Blondes. 

Drawing her inspiration from the beauty of the natural world, Diane Erasmus has acquired a reputation as a sensitive and highly original artist. Her vivid and colourful landscapes and water scenes speak of a profound spiritual awareness, yet remain grounded in those elements which define a great work of art. Erasmus prefers to work from life and she travels extensively in order to glean new material for her paintings.  

Similarly, the work of Durban artist Coral Spencer is filled with light and life. Her interest in body language and relationships can be seen in her figure placement and conceptual work that explores the body and its relationship to itself and others. “My love of form allows me to exercise my need to perfect skill and understand skin and the play of light on skin. A genuine interest in the human condition, fear of it and love of it fuels my need to explore it more and unwrap it in my work. Time passing and the implications of this on the body and the mind are a source of interest. As of the other side to my art, the painting of the beaches, ‘The great watering holes in life.’ These works tell the same story, just in plain English.” 

Telling stories in clay is what ceramic artist Trayci Tompkins enjoys most. Her training in Theatre Crafts and Performing Arts give her the creative thrust to combine everyday emotion, storytelling and artistic technical skill into her latest stoneware fired sculpture. Well-known for her statement hand-coiled smoke fired urns and raku fired vessels, Tompkins balances the individuality as a maker with her commercial studio range and vibrant retail outlet, Zulu-lulu ceramic boutique, set in the heart of the Midlands Meander. ‘Clay allows me the canvas to put my thoughts into stories as they play out in my head…. My training in theatre, mime and dance has influenced how I teach and design, and what I choose to make – it’s a personal signature of expression”.  

Three Non Blondes will be showing in The History Room, Main Theatre, at Hilton College.