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Wednesday, October 17, 2012


After a well-received run in Women's Month, Beswitched is back at Catalina Theatre for a short run.

Latoya Newman, Daily News, Tonight entertainment journalist wrote: "Respected Durban entertainers Shika Budhoo and Sandy Bigara have combined their talents to bring a new offering to stage in the form of Beswitched. Budhoo and Bigara have ensured the play is jam-packed with a laugh-a-minute script."

This Durban comedy with a dramatic twist will have audiences smiling, remembering and even tapping their feet as Pamela and Leela try to "Make the circle of love complete" and Be-switch-ed back before Leela's wedding! Filled with memories and flashbacks to growing up in the 80's and 90's in Durban, audiences will see the flipside of the coin, and meet many zany and outspoken characters along the way.

Shika Budhoo and Sandy Bigara play best friends, one Indian – Leela- and one White - Pamela. Leela is due to marry Pamela's brother, Eric. The morning after a disastrous engagement party, the two friends sit and share a disjointed cup of tea. After a cup of Granny Vashti's "Special Tea" the girls swop bodies... but the problem is... the wedding is tomorrow!

Exploring the ties that bind, the girls have to go down memory lane to swop back bodies before the big day. A rollercoaster of fun and frivolity, that will keep your family's funny bone tickled.

Beswitched runs from October 19 to 21 at Catalina Theatre. Tickets R50 booked through 031 305 6889 or 071 896 6998 (Shika) or 082 865 0226 (Sandy) More information at