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Thursday, November 8, 2012


Michaelhouse promises an evening of good old-fashioned entertainment – an exciting sing-a-long theatrical experience, with Music Hall greats, poetry and a selection of laugh out loud scenes! Look forward to great fun in what promises to be an extremely enjoyable night out. Remember the tragic events of the past through old fashioned entertainment, as performed by two maestros of the Midlands!

Paul Spence, formerly of the Royal Shakespeare Company in England, tells the story of the young Michaelhouse men who marched away to the torn fields of France during the Great War of 1914-1918 to fight for King and Country, and never returned to Balgowan.

The production will star Cat Simoni, ‘the voice of a lark’; who has performed at the Ritz, Dorchester and Savoy hotels; London. This year Michaelhouse boys are also featured in the classroom and on the battlefield, reading poetry, singing songs, performing the great spirits who came before them. The production is

Directed by William Le Cordeur, The Young Men Who Marched Away takes place in the Michaelhouse Schlesinger Theatre on November 10 at 19h00. Tickets R80 booked on 033 234 1314 or email