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Sunday, December 16, 2012


The Playhouse Company will hold auditions on December 21 from 11h00 for a production entitled Culture Clash to be staged at the Playhouse in May 2013.

Culture Clash forms part of The Playhouse Company’s New Stages season. It is a potent drama production of love between a Zulu boy and an Indian girl in Durban both from culturally conservative families. The script is written by Edmund Mhlongo with Ashwin Singh collaborating as Script Editor.

The following is a synopsis of the characters required:

Bhekani Mthethwa: A handsome young man in his early 20s. He is super-ambitious and a go-getter. An intelligent rural-born boy who is highly mannered, honest and but straightforward with his thoughts.

Baba Mthethwa: A traditionalist, stubborn Zulu man, 50 years, who is very protective of his culture and strong believer on status quo when it comes to his Zulu culture. Very proud of his Royal Education he obtained.

Mrs Mthethwa: An open-minded rural woman, early-40s, who is also an enlightened Sangoma.

Latisha Reddy: A beautiful Indian girl, early 20’s, who is very assertive and not in favour of arranged marriage culture or anything culture that bond other people. She is an extremely open-minded person.

Mr Reddy: A 50-year old conservative Hindu businessman who aspires for the preservation of his roots at all costs. A believer that a good fence makes good neighbours.

Mrs Reddy: Late 40s and highly respecting woman who abides by the rules of her husband but always with an opinion on issues.

Sibongile: An African woman, mid-20s, loyal to her employers but selfish to her wants and flows with the direction of the wind.

Hlengiwe: Mid-20s, friend of Sibongile.

Auditionees must be of a professional standard and preference will be given to performers with professional experience. They should prepare a short monologue for the audition.

Auditions will take place at The Playhouse in Studio 503 on December 21, 2012. To book an audition time, contact Kipi Skweyiya on 031 369 9463 between 09h00 and 16h00 by no later than 16h00 on December 19.