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Wednesday, December 12, 2012


(Pic (C)BBC)

Currently running on BBC Entertainment (channel 120 on DStv) on Fridays at 20:05 is the second series of Kidnap and Ransom.

Dominic King is the best international hostage negotiator in the business. His devotion to his clients and his mantra, "Never Promise, Never Lie," has, until now, meant a 100% success. If only his home life were as satisfying as his professional.

His latest case begins with the kidnap of a British Asian family in Kashmir. King’s attempts to secure their safe release are jeopardised by the local police and the incident soon escalates with the original family still in peril along with a whole bus-load of tourists.

While King frantically tries to ensure no lives are lost aboard the bus, the situation becomes ever more complicated when it is revealed there is a ‘high value’ individual among the hostages.

Kidnap and Ransom is created by Patrick Harbinson (24, Law And Order, Wire In The Blood) and stars Trevor Eve (Waking The Dead) John Hannah (Spartacus) and Helen Baxendale (Cold Feet).