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Wednesday, December 12, 2012


Under a Swirling Sun is the debut novel from multi-talented, accountant, translator, lecturer in religious studies, participant in international conferences, creative writing facilitator, writer and poet, Victoria Pereira.

The book is a fictional account of the author’s life. Born in Portuguese Moçambique, after Independence she emigrates with her husband and children to South Africa. A freak encounter leads to an impossible love affair and a powerful awakening.

The book captures her struggles, with those who supported or tried to crush her, including a controversial therapist. Through some uncanny synchronicity and extraordinary experiences, she encounters dormant facets of her personality pushed into the dark recesses of her mind – carried inside, like a ‘Matruska’ doll.

Under a Swirling Sun highlights the quest for love and for freedom and draws attention to an ‘unexplained’ solar phenomena that took place in Portugal in 1917.

Produced by Reach Publishers, the book can be purchased via and will soon be on e-kindle.