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Monday, January 21, 2013


Beautifully woven script but too many black-outs caused the rhythm of the story to be lost. (Review by Philisiwe Sithole)

A second production of New Voices in Musho International Theatre Festival was Race Trouble written and directed by Devaksha Moodley performed by Kamini Govender and Ndabenhle Christopher Tobo mentored by Rowin Moonsamy.

Race Trouble is a sincere story about two young South Africans whose race, family community and the ways in which they have been conditioned by these things are explored and confronted, however uncomfortable they may be to deal with.

The show begins with a lady sitting on chair in a counselling room. She is trapped in her fears. She had a break-in and she couldn’t recognise the intruders but in her head they were black. The counsellor has a similar problem. Sita is the first Indian patient he has ever had, no other races choose to come to him because he is black. So they both have common ground.

The script is beautifully woven into one story made from two. The lighting felt as if it was improvised and there were too many black-outs, causing the rhythm of the story to be lost.

Kamini Govender and Ndabenhle Christopher Tobo have beautiful clear voices, yet they could up beat the tempo as the play was a bit slow.

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