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Saturday, February 23, 2013


(Guru Shri Manesh Maharaj)

Kala Darshan – Institute of classical music and dance will stage Satvika , a Kathak performance by Guru Shri Manesh Maharaj, on March 2 at the Pattundeen theatre in Chatsworth.

Originating in the temples of northern India, Kathak later flourished in the courts and palaces of the great Mughal and Rajput kings. Intricate rhythms, complex footwork, breath-taking pirouettes and evocative expressions have made Kathak one of the world’s most cherished and loved classical dance styles.

Mastering the technicalities of Kathak demands pure devotion from the dancer, who must regard dance as his prayer, a medium to connect with the Divine. His quest for perfection manifests into a spiritual journey of rigorous, devoted practise (Riyaz) purifying the body, mind and spirit in the process.

Satvika invites the audience to be part of this spiritual experience as it transports one from the material to the ethereal. The cosmic dancer, Shiva and His consort, Shakti, are the embodiment of Satvika - or purity - and are invoked through various dances accompanied by live music set to melodious ragas and vibrant rhythms.

Live music accompaniment will be provided by students of Kala Darshan. Revash Dookhi (tabla); Ketan Sarjuprosad and Akshay Bensarie, Ishka Nanoo (Padhant) and Niveshan Munsamy (vocal and harmonium).

Satvika promises to captivate and enthral a diverse audience with its rich music score and vibrant choreography.

The performance takes place on March 2 at 19h00 at the Pattundeen Theatre, Aryan Benevolent Homes, at Unit 6 (Chatsworth). Tickets R50 available at the door prior to the performance. For further information or organisations wishing to raise funds, contact 082 422 6865.