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Monday, February 4, 2013


(Shika Budhoo & Dhaveshan Govender. Pic by Clinton Marius)

Legendary muso Steve Fataar has organised a benefit concert for entertainment couple Shika Budhoo and Dhaveshan Govender, whose flat was gutted by fire recently. The event will be held on February 10 at Zacks at Wilson’s Wharf.

In response to the tragic devastation of Dhaveshan Govender’s and Shika Budhoo’s home by fire recently, Steve Fataar - one of the first of many artists and friends to offer support for the beleaguered couple - will host Sunday’s benefit at Zacks. He will head a dedicated line-up of musicians, including Mpume Mthombeni, Sandy Bigara, Reg Stuart, Glenwood Village Music and Quintin Kriel. The roster’s stellar talent also includes Jaimie Woolgar, Ashley Raaff and Ron Dove – along with three young guitar prodigies, Aury Livingstone, Rorke Kemp and Cuan Austin, eager to pit their jamming skills against those of Fataar, the evening’s iconic host. More artists are likely to be added to the evening’s line-up.

“Zackattack has become something of an institution in Durban”, says Fataar. “It’s a monthly jam session known for great music in a wonderful venue with a cash bar and extensive menu, surrounded by water and the buzz of Durban Harbour, under a starlit sky “It’s a great end to the weekend and a kickstart for the week to come, so please join us. Music usually starts around 19h00 and continues for a few hours. It’s an open venue, with plenty of parking.”

The concept of turning a Zackattack into a benefit arose when a friend, a sound engineer who had helped many local musicians, was hospitalised with cerebral meningitis. Realising the costs, many musos were eager to help raise funds to assist. Several such occasions have since arisen, and true to form, 31 musicians are quick to rally together and help.”

The performance takes place at 19h00 on February 10 at Zacks at Wilson’s Wharf, Durban Harbour. Further details from Steve Fataar on Facebook, or on 079 988 3724. To book a table call 031 305 1677.

For those unable to attend the benefit event on Sunday, a bank account has been set up by friends to assist the couple, who are much loved for their portrayals in the megahit radio soapie, Lollipop Lane, and on stage in productions including among many others, King of Old Trafford, Shika-Land! and The Fantastical Flea Circus. Those who wish to assist can email for banking details.