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Saturday, March 9, 2013


(Xingu tribespeople)

Bluestockings in Kloof, better known as a life music venue, will present a double screening on March 15. These include Coconut Revolution and Amazon Xingu Tribes – Belo Monte Dam Resistance.

These deeply pertinent media productions are unlikely to be found on mainstream television, for corporate fear of global uprising and awakening on the injustices of corporate tyranny.

The screenings promise “…an absolutely fascinating evening of real life human struggle against the system that destroys the worlds treasures for its transient fix of paper money. This is not a depressing movie night, but in fact a very inspiring one of some poor nobodys that took their power back, took their land back and chased the crazy baldheads out of town!”

Coconut Revolution (55min) – The people of Bougainville Islands, in Papa New Guinea, north of Australia, have unfortunately happened upon a similar invasion of their ancestors lands in the 80s, where mining giant Rio Tinto Zinc acquired the land without the natives’ permission, via a series of political tennis matches, and began strip-mining the island and destroying its ability to sustain life. The indigenous peoples of Bougainville took to desperate revolutionary measures to protect their homeland, and on a long enough timeline, their entire culture. The Coconut Revolution has been dubbed the world’s first successful eco-revolution. Watch the 4min trailer on youtube:

Amazon Xingu Tribes (35min) – If you’ve seen the James Cameron movie Avatar, this is a must because James Cameron didn't make it up! His movie is based on a series of very real events happening right now in the Amazon basin, where the tribes of the Xingu river are being given only one choice - to comply with Brazil's plan for commercial expansion of their energy, that will see the homes, lives and cultures of the Xingu tribes destroyed, by floods in some areas and drained rivers in other areas, by the construction of the third largest hydroelectric dam in the world – the Belo Monte.

The screenings take place on March 15 at 19h30. Entry R30 (R60 dinner by pre-booking only). Bookings through Narene on 083 659 3628.