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Friday, March 8, 2013


In a four year project, well-known realism artist Anthea Delmotte travelled throughout South Africa meeting, getting to know, and painting some of the country’s foremost contemporary artists. This journey forms part of a project that will eventually lead to a book that will serve as a visual history/documentary of South Africa’s contemporary art scene.

In Durban, Delmotte did portraits of Andries Botha, Charl Roberts and Richard Hart and plans to return to cover more artists from the region.

The series also includes Erik Laubscher, Phillip Barlow, Stefan Hundt, Melyvin Minnaar, Susan Kemp, Kirsty Cockerill, John Kramer, Christopher Moller, Peter Clarke, Bongi Bengu, William Kentridge, Angus Taylor, Strijdom van der Merwe, Jeanette Unite, Ben Coutouvidis, Brahm van Zyl, Emma van der Merwe, Gail Dorje, Willie Bester, Conrad Theys, Ismail Mahomed, Teresa Lizamore, David Tripp, Charles Shields, Clare Menck, Johann Louw and Peter van Straten.

Portals of Creation runs in Cape Town at the gallery of the AVA (Association of Visual Arts) situated at 35 Church Street from March 11 in conjunction with Spier. More information from Catherine Pate on 082 922 1737.