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Friday, March 29, 2013


(“From Russia with Love” from Russians cultural dancers)

The Russian South Africa relationship moved closer last week ahead of the BRICS meeting with SAMSA’s participation in the summit.

Russian cultural dancers gave a display of their Eastern European culture on board the Russian tall ship STS Pallada which was moored in Durban harbour, hosted by the South African Maritime Safety Authority (SAMSA).

South Africa’s maritime industry has entered an exciting phase with an announcement that the government was in the market to acquire two tall ships. The CEO of the South African Maritime Safety Authority, Commander Tsietsi Mokhele, said negotiations with relevant stakeholders were already underway and that the ships would be used for training and other maritime development initiatives.

The announcement was made at a special Russia/South Africa cultural event which was organised by SAMSA ahead of the BRICS summit which starts in Durban tomorrow.

The STS Pallada is a training vessel owned by the Far Eastern State Technical Fisheries University.

When important, respected, or admired guests arrived during the Russian welcome greeting ceremony, they were presented with a loaf of bread placed on a rushnik (embroidered towel) A salt holder or a salt cellar is placed on top of the bread loaf or secured in a hole on the top of the loaf.

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