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Wednesday, April 17, 2013


Bob Cross is downsizing and those interested are invited to contact his daughter/secretary, Jane, to arrange a viewing of the vast collection of books on sale.

The library includes comprehensive collections covering: Cookery, Fine Art, Film, Fashion, Theatre (incl. drama, dance, costume design), Africana, Wildlife and much more. As the former head of the Natal Performing Arts Council (NAPAC), now the Playhouse Company, one can imagine that the range is extensive and of huge value to those in the performing arts. He then worked closely with the parks departments which is why Africana and wildlife publications are included. Bob Cross’s late wife, Lucille Cross, was a costume designer hence the fine art, fashion and costume design books.

Paperbacks going at R15, hardbacks at R30 and reference/ “coffee table” books at R50 each.

Contact Jane at to arrange a time to come and view what’s on offer.