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Tuesday, April 30, 2013


Business and Arts South Africa and Middel & Partners announce the launch of an innovative, on-line programme. This will allow businesses to channel their B-BBEE socio-economic development (SED) contributions towards arts and culture.

Backed by the technology of an online ticketing system Tixsa, the Middel & Partners and BASA SED Programme takes the form of a simplified on-line platform on BASA’s website. At the click of a button, businesses are able to both contribute to arts and qualify for BEE scores in accordance with the BEE Codes.

"Business and Arts South Africa continues to focus on innovative ways to support the arts sector, whilst developing equitable partnerships with business,” says BASA CEO, Michelle Constant. “The BASA Middel & Partners SED Programme will hopefully address the challenges of B-BEEE for businesses, whilst supporting a crucial and under-supported sector of society - the arts."

A business consulting and auditing firm that is also an IRBA approved B-BBEE service provider, Middel & Partners is well-placed to work in partnership with BASA to give effect to this vision.

“Middel & Partners firmly believes in the positive effects the Arts have on developing and building a nation,” says CEO Coenie Middel. “We are therefore grateful to be provided the opportunity to participate in an initiative that encourages businesses to contribute and support the arts. We sincerely hope that our efforts will bring light to projects that empower and uplift those in the arts community.”

In allowing businesses to channel their B-BBEE socio-economic development contributions towards arts and culture, the Middel & Partners and BASA SED Programme enables businesses to comply with the BEE Act – in particular the promotion of black people’ sustainable access to the economy through the contribution of 1% of their profits to socio-economic development.

The benefiting arts and culture organisations need to demonstrate that the beneficiaries remain no less than 75% black at all times. Participating arts and culture organisations will be selected on an annual basis.

In addition, businesses’ contributions to arts and culture through this programme will also qualify as socio-economic development contributions under the BEE Act, through an impact on the sustainable economic participation of black artists, musicians and actors.

With Middel & Partners providing the B-BBEE expertise and Tixsa ensuring a secure online payment system, BASA will manage and maintain the Middel& Partners and BASA SED Programme.

The Middel & Partner and BASA SED Programme is made possible through the support of Fasken Martineau and Empowerdex

For further information please contact Lonwabo Mavuso at 011 447 2295 or e-mail To make a contribution go to or