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Tuesday, April 23, 2013


The Dark Charisma of Adolf Hitler: Leading Millions into the Abyss premieres on April 24 at 21h00 on BBC Knowledge (channel 184 on DStv).

How did a man like Adolf Hitler dominate an entire nation of people? Why was he adored by millions? Historian Laurence Rees reveals some of the reasons behind the evil dictator’s unlikely appeal.

Hitler was, arguably, one of the most extraordinary leaders that has ever lived. Yet he was a deeply inadequate individual who was incapable of sustaining normal friendships, unable to engage in normal debates and was overflowing with hatred. No-one else had such a profound and devastating effect on the world or left behind such a wake of ruins as he did – ultimately leading to the destruction of his own country.

These three episodes examine the key decisions Hitler made during the Second World War to find out how he manipulated the German beliefs and why others went along with his monstrous ideals - and ultimately helped him to achieve his goals. It also looks at why members of the German elite helped Hitler into power in the first place, when they knew his violent nature.

Using interviews from former Nazis, many of whom dealt personally with Hitler, this series helps to build up a picture of Hitler - and surprisingly not all of it is bad.

The series continues every Wednesday at 21h00.