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Wednesday, April 24, 2013


(Work by Raja Oshi)

Mwimbi Fine Art Gallery is currently hosting Uncontained, an exhibition by Raja Oshi with sculptures by Tim Motsomi. In 1994, Raja Oshi graduated at the College of Fine Art and Applied Art in Sudan at the University of Science and Technology. For an extended period of time, Oshi and her family lived in UAE, Norway, UK, France and Germany. Her geometric but vibrant paintings show themes gravitating towards woman as equal commenters in our contemporary societies. Her fascination with colour coded shapes reflects ideologies attached with woman depicted in societies.

In Tim Motsomi’s sculptures, he tries to emphasise his interest in “materiality and the liminal space between beauty and homeliness, loss and gain, fragility and strength, self and other, fact and truth” and how these polarities can give insight to the development of both personal narratives and shared (cultural) narratives.

Tim uses his own body as a tool to reflect the act of ‘remembering’, fictional or otherwise, as an entity with corporeal potential. What results from this is a historical mis en-scene that is less about fact and rather about an imagined ideal. As emphasized in his sculptures, the figures he creates remain knowingly mute and seemingly unaware (closed eyes) of the fact that they are on view; whilst at the same time they seem to be policing their own secret and fantastical historiographies.

The Uncontained exhibition is part of a series of exhibitions in the new space that invites artists to negotiate through ideologies that have confronted conventional structural patterns in art making and presentation. These interpretations open up new possibilities in evaluating previous methods employed to portray artists as makers but also contributors in community and societal development.

The exhibition is curated by Zimbabwean born Lee Garakara  who aims to encourage and promote contemporary African art not only locally but also through international arts scene. Furthermore, MFAG hopes to show competitiveness and the high standards produced by contemporary African artist in KZN.

Garakara wishes to establish long-term relationships with local artists and contemporary galleries, as well as learning each other’s cultural values and artistic production that may influence and benefit communities in both ends.

The exhibition will run until May 29. MFAG is now situated at 8 Solstice Rd, Cnr Millennium Boulevard. Shop 1 Ground Floor, Millennium Towers, Umhlanga Rocks. For more information contact founder and curator Lee Garakara on 072 229 6530 or email or visit