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Friday, May 31, 2013


As part of a programme to motivate the community to interact with each other and to form local safety structures, The Umbilo Community Police Forum would like to encourage members of the community to meet each other in Bulwer Park on the public holiday of June 17. The intended duration would be from 10h00 to 15h00.

The intention is to stage a number of small events and exhibitions to draw the community to the park, and for them to enjoy their own picnic with their family, friends and neighbours.

The community would bring their own picnic lunch as no food will be on sale or provided.

Events and exhibitions envisaged are: art groups, local dance groups, musicians, fitness groups, a jumping castle and various community organisations.

These would all be voluntary not for commercial gain and no business will be concluded. Business sponsors, of the CPF, would be allowed to display a limited number of banners and promotional items. The various groups would only be allowed to receive voluntary donations.

This is intended as a “seed” event to encourage the community to “take ownership” of the parks in their areas and for the community to be proactive in maintaining our neighbourhood.

Anyone interested in taking part or becoming involved in this event should contact Rob Hackenbruch on 082 445 7748 or visit