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Monday, July 1, 2013


(One of the fascinating Hot Pot designs)
2012 was a breakthrough year for the innovative and inspirational community based Ubunye Co-Operative.

Based in Mzimela, it has been involved in a number of cultural art projects since its inception. Headed by Chairperson, Patricia Zungu, the Co-Operative created dramatic and striking works for an exhibition held at the KZNSA Gallery, entitled Intellectual Property.

The group then went on to collaborate with a range of local craft and design teams to create Yenza and Nkanyezi, two rhinos whose presence as public artworks raise awareness of the importance of rhino conservation. These projects were supported by the Ethekwini Community Foundation and co-ordinated by Umcebo Design.

During the latter half of 2012, the Co-Operative worked with info4africa and Umcebo Design to create a range of Ubunye Hot Pots. Each Hot Pot is a unique and elegantly hand- crafted beaded plant, making them a true treat for collectors! The beaded hot pots are now available in tin mugs and traditional African pots of various sizes and the rand has now been expanded to include larger clay pots.

Looking forward to the rest of 2013, and inspired by their experiences at Design Indaba, the team has once again teamed up with info4africa and Umcebo Design to create Wild Things. This is a range of hand crafted animals and insects, decorated with bright beads and eye-catching fabric which would bring a particular sense of stylish fun to any room or surface.

To find out more about this zany and exciting range of creations, get in touch with  The Ubunye Co-Operative, please visit the website on 031 260 3052 or 082 909 7886 or email: or visit or Facebook: