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Sunday, July 14, 2013


(Natya Sudhamayi Srimathi Yshrene Moodley)

Natya Sudhamayi Srimathi Yshrene Moodley is a young Pietermaritzburg Bharatha Natyam professional who represents the next generation of Indian classical dancers. She will shortly be featured in a performance in London on July 19.

With years of training and performing experience, Yshrene has been performing several solo and group recitals across India and abroad. Her performances have an inimitable classic style that bursts with energy and vibrancy.

When structuring her repertoire for a programme, she selects a bouquet of nritta, nritya and natya oriented items, not only to display her command over style but also to give the rasikas a glance into various aspects of Bharatha Natyam. She infuses a high level of aesthetics into her dance and presentation. She firmly believes that a performance is beyond the dancer and about the total experience presented to an audience.

Yshrene also trains students in the art of Bharatha Natyam at the Natya Kalalayam Academy of Music & Dance in Pietermaritzburg. It will be an exciting moment for all South Africans in London to be present at this function.

The performance, titled Akasha will take place on July 19 at 19h30 in the Sri Murugan Temple, 78 Church Road, Manor Park in London.

More information from Kantharuby Munsamy of the Natya Kalalayam / Kantharuby Dance Academy, 44 Silver Road in Newholmes, Pietermaritzburg. Phone 033 391 3208 or 082 971 7537 or email: