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Sunday, August 18, 2013


The Anavarata Dance Institute has celebrated many successful achievements as the oldest Indian dance-based organization on the African continent. In July 2013, it joined forces with the Indian Council for Cultural Relations, Durban to raise funds for worthy organisations in this year’s tour of Kwa-Zulu Natal.

Anusia Pillay is an established classical dance artist, a renowned choreographer and co-founder of the Anavarata Dance Institute, which was initially established by Anusia’s late mother, Rani Govender and her sister Prema Nydoo in 1961. She has made strides in the community by introducing a multicultural; intercultural and diverse platform in which all South Africans can be a part of – this is evident in this unique 100-minute production. The first half promises a global feel that incorporates various cultural delights, from Indo–African integration to medleys of Malaysia, Africa and India; while the second part is 45 minute non-stop Bollywood Mashup. Especially choreographed for this event it brings together golden oldies with current hits.

Anavarata has performed passionately for packed audiences in Malaysia, South Africa, Mauritius and India. It was invited to perform at the opening and closing ceremonies of the 9th African Athletics Championships in Durban in 1993. It made history by being the only South African-Indian Dance based organization to participate in the SA Military Tattoo, and the World Hindi Conference in Johannesburg in 2012. The dance company is highly sought after and recommended by art connoisseurs. Anavarata has always fostered a long term and definite vision – to be the best in the industry and exceed performing arts expectations, both creatively and professionally.

“No short cuts to success”. Each company member has gone through the process of exhaustive training in Sufi, Kathak, Mughal, Odissi, Bollywood, Mauritian, Classical Dance, Authentic Folk, Indian Tribal and Folk, Contemporary, Oriental, African and other allied performing art skills. Integrity and Dynamism is the driving force behind the company.

“Our journey over 52 years within the South African, African and global landscape also incorporates a homage to our Indian roots and focuses on the multicultural journey we have taken to become truly South African”, says Anusia Pillay, co-founder of the Anavarata Dance Institute. Currently, the Institute provides free training and skills development in dance and theatrical performances in various areas in Gauteng.

There will be two performances in KZN before Anavarata’s return to Johannesburg:
August 24 at 16h00 in the Umzinto Hall
August 25 in Phoenix, Newcastle

For more information contact Anusia Pillay on 084 510 5148 or email: or visit