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Sunday, August 25, 2013


(Jencarlos Canela & Carmen Villalobos as Andrés & Lola)

DStv viewers will immediately relate to the universal theme of fiery personalities clashing with disapproving parents in My Heart Beats For Lola, Telemundo’s third telenovela screening on channel 118, set in the glossy cosmopolitan settings of Miami and Los Angeles and featuring a young, hot cast.

Lola Volcán (played by Carmen Villalobos) is a strange girl, different from all others. She seems to be as hard as a diamond but keeps a world of tenderness just for her loved ones. She is pure fire but she is unable to cry, even in the most terrible moments of her life. Rebellious and with a fighting spirit, she has struggled to break free from the tragic fate which seems to chase after her and all Volcán women.

Her only source of happiness throughout her troubled and short life has been her love for the charming and romantic Andrés Santacruz (played by Jencarlos Canela). The passionate lovers have known since they were children that their love is destined to last forever, and when they were teenagers they eloped to Vegas to get married in spite of the disapproval of the boy’s aristocratic parents.

How will the stunning, fierce and beautiful Lola deal with her hostile possible future parents-in-law? And will she find true love with Andrés or will he instead choose his eternal and manipulative admirer Débora Noriega (played by Ana Layevska)? Don’t miss this sizzling, super-hot, must-see show!

My Heart Beats For Lola accompanies Aurora, Precious Rose and Behind Closed Doors in Telemundo’s exciting launch line-up. The series is screened on weekdays at 17h10 on DStv’s channel 118.