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Monday, August 26, 2013


(Work from the Mpenje Collection)

Artisan Gallery is going square! For the next few days the walls will sport an array of small square art works that can be hung either as collections, or on their own as small works of art. These include small wooden wall blocks by Kayla Originals, and intricately embroidered portraits by Kaross, as well as the Mpenje Collection.

The Mpenje Collection is a collaboration of combined talent by internationally-known artists Frances Schandera and Everett Duarte. Each canvas tells a story of its own and, as a collection, the pieces capture the essence and beauty of Africa.

Also on display at Artisan is a wide selection of ceramics, paintings, jewellery and glasswork. Artisan Gallery is at 344 Florida Road, Morningside. Phone 031 312 4364 or email: