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Wednesday, August 28, 2013


Situated on the KZN north coast, Sugar Bay is the ultimate holiday adventure for children aged 7 to 17. It is the only American-style summer camp in South Africa and offers themed camps every school holiday.

“Business leaders today have problems with their employees in that they lack creativity in the workplace. Employees will do the same thing over and over again and stay within a comfort zone not trying anything out of the ordinary.”

So says Roma van Staden of Sugar Bay who handled holiday bookings. She continues: “Being exposed to creative activities as a child encourages the creative process to take place which in turn involves experimentation. However art presented at school level is very structured. The reality of the situation is that teachers follow a curricular with set activities and objectives given and the whole class needs to conform to this. Support for creative activities as an extra mural in schools is not as widespread as sport with many schools only concentrating on sport.

“At holiday camps children are encouraged to participate in range of creative activities which range from drama to painting, tie-dying to making dreamcatchers, papermaking to beadwork and so much more. These activities give the children opportunities to interact with each other and develop creative solutions / ideas while doing an enjoyable activity at camp. This helps to strengthen communication skills and team work, a great plus for the shy child who can be heard within the group without the spotlight falling on them.

“Creative activities at holiday camps also give an avenue of opportunity for children to make choices and solve problems. Every step in a project needs a decision, what colour to select, which object to place where, the next step to add to a dance routine. This also encourages the child to think out of the box and try new ideas where mistakes are ok, and the project becomes their own expression of their imagination.

“Creative drama activities also help children to feel the thrill of appropriate risk taking. Participating in a talent show for the first time will give a camper a thrill and adrenaline rush but show that this can be achieved in a wholesome environment. Impromptu activities like skits and stunts or a Dutch auction helps children develop the ability to think on their feet and come up with creative solutions in a limited time frame. These activities also increase self-esteem in campers as they have planned, practised, performed and achieved a goal.”

A ten year study has found that children who have been exposed to creative activities are four times more likely to win an academic award and eight times more likely to receive a community service award. These creative mind sets are carried through into adulthood and help them to become top achievers.

Sugar Bay is situated at 21 Nkwazi Drive, Zinkwazi Beach. For more information visit or contact 082 525 9503 or 032 485 3778.