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Wednesday, September 4, 2013


Arts Interactive, an interactive group/gathering of those interested in the betterment of the Visual Arts, will host an afternoon workshop with The Italian Artshop on September 11.

“The Italian Shop has a huge customer base from the Durban areas, many of whom have never even visited our shop in Cape Town!” says a representative. “We send parcels to these areas on a daily basis. We also get a large number of art related queries from these areas.”

Skye Kennedy will give a talk on art materials and art related topics such as:

-       What is the difference between student and artist quality paints? Does it really make a difference to your painting?
-       Should one varnish a painting- which varnish is best (The Italian Artshop has about 15 different varnishes and each one does something different)
-       Brushes- different hairs and bristles and what each does
-       Why is my painting cracking?
-       Why are there matt and shiny patches in my painting?
-       Lightfastness
-       All about painting mediums and siccatives - should you or shouldn’t you be using them?
-       Primers and gesso’s
-       Papers, canvases and linen – what’s the difference and what should I be using
-       Acrylic textured pastes and gels

For those who are interested and have never been to The Italian Shop, Kennedy will bring samples and colour charts of their paints, different linens for everyone to feel, some different brushes, and some of their more unique auxiliary products. Also any new brands or products that are on the cards.

The Workshop takes place from 13h00 to 16h00 on September 11 in the Eat Greek pub area at the Hellenic Hall, Browns Drift, Durban North. Fee R50/head. Last minute reservations may still be accepted - contact Nicole on email: