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Sunday, September 8, 2013


Malcolm Gray, the former head of maintenance for The Playhouse Company, passed away on September 6.

Steve Normington, who works as a stage manager at The Playhouse, paid this tribute: “Malcolm was a very private man. His dedication saw him working through a long illness and way past retirement. Yet another soul who ensured the show went on. Malcolm, thank you!

Stavros Anthias, a Mercury Durban Theatre Awards judge and Chairman of the KZN Performing Arts Trust, added: “He was one of those invaluable members of the performing arts industry – taken for granted and seldom seen by the public. The spine that is crucial to making theatre technology operate successfully. May he rest in peace, as we salute him.”

artSMart editor, Caroline Smart, added her tribute: “So much knowledge and skill has departed with him. He got me out of a tricky situation once, when I was directing a show in the Loft. Having recently broken my foot, I couldn’t climb the rung ladder which is the out-of-sight access to the lighting/sound box. He cleverly created a trapdoor which allowed me to get in and out without danger. For this he has my eternal thanks. I shall certainly miss him and his ability to make things happen.”