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Thursday, October 24, 2013


Adams Books / Musgrave and Solo Collective host the launch of the novel Three Women out of Love by Gertrud Strauss on October 30.

No newcomer to the book launches of Adams, Gertrud Strauss’s previous launch at Musgrave was with a short novel A Putzig Sense of Proportion (now sold out) and before that Chapters of Childhood (available) and The Blood Spot and Other Stories (limited copies available) were launched at different venues.

The new novel which in typewritten text was over 600 pages (this was more than 30 years ago) is now a handy readable 448 pages. There are three main characters, women from the early 60’s, or some brief months in their lives, though memories and reminiscences of their friendship at school (in Natal) add to the time of the plot. Hanna is now (1963) in London, Marga after marriage in Germany and Friedel has a farmer husband in the midlands where she grew up.

Gertrud Strauss was born in Pietermaritzburg in 1936, grew up in the Natal Midlands, did her MA on the German writer Wolfgang Borchert, taught in the English Department at UNISA, and has been married to Peter Strauss since 1963 – graduating to the status of grandmother with six grandchildren. She began writing in 1974, when the youngest of three children went to nursery school. Since 1992 she has also been involved in publishing.

For more information on the launch, contact Beverley on 086 134 1341 at Adams in Musgrave Centre or email: