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Friday, November 8, 2013


Head for Catalina Theatre on Monday evening (November 11) if you are looking for entertainment for a function, team-builder, social event or party. Also, if you are a young artist who would like to showcase your talents and skills. Or if you are keen to check out a variety of new acts ...

Blue Monday Platform is a forum to encourage new performing artists to explore, create and innovate. It is ideal for artists about to embark on their career to get some exposure. It is a platform that operates on a basic "open mic" theory where the Platform is yours for up to 15 minutes. Participants can perform anything from poetry to rap, sketches to play excerpts, mime to music.

The Blue Monday Platform is an initiative of PANSA – the Performing Arts Network of SA – which focuses on creating opportunities and support to the professional and newly-professional echelons of the performing arts industry.

The forum is on a mission to change the perception of arts, get newcomers involved in the industry and new audiences into theatre foyers, and also as a showcase for eventors, theatre managers and the public to see what is out there and available. The aim is to make theatre universal, accessible and appropriate for all walks of life - and appealing and challenging to newcomers, particularly the youth - to engage with their culture.

The next PANSA Blue Monday Platform takes place on Monday (November 11) from 18h00 at Catalina Theatre, Wilsons Wharf. Entry is free and all are welcome. The bar is open, and it is a perfect opportunity for networking. For more information contact Radwinn on 074 272 7055 or email: